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Terms and Conditions



A verbal or written request for a club member to use one of the club boats assumes acceptance of the conditions which are:-


1. No person under the age of eighteen (18) shall operate or drive a boat.


2. Boats must be returned by the agreed time or a predetermined search and rescue plan will be activated. Any costs incurred will be paid by
   the member.


3. Boats must not go under or near Connel Bridge in any circumstances.


4. All members’ property left on the boats is left at their own risk.


5. No movement of boats allowed during the hours of darkness, i.e. all night trips must tie up prior to the fall of darkness.


6. All craft will be examined prior to hire to ensure that all equipment is in place and any equipment lost or damaged by the member must be reported to the committee and compensation paid to the club.  This includes use of the spare fuel.


7. If, in the committee’s opinion, the person driving the boat is not competent then they will not be permitted to use the boat unsupervised.


8. Lifejackets\buoyancy aids are provided for your safety; please ensure they are worn at all times.


9. Boats must not be taken ashore except in an emergency.


10. Persons apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to take a boat.
11.  Boats must not use the private jetty at Airds Bay under any circumstances. 
In emergency, drop anchor and tie rope on to bow (front) of boat.  Phone 07850 676617 or 01866 822023 for instructions.


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