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TFC Boats is one of Scotland's largest fishing clubs. Based on Loch Etive, nestled at the foot Ben Cruachan, we are surrounded by amazing scenery and beautiful backdrops. Whether your looking for a great days fishing or fancy an unforgettable days sight seeing, we are here to help you on your way.


TFC Boatsis a family run business with Doug and the helm and wife Donna offering support where needed, mainly in the form of cups of tea! We offer 4 boats with cabins or cuddies which are suitable and totally safe for the sheltered waters of Loch Etive. All boats are equipped with maps, fuel, safety equipment and outboard engines.


Boats are available from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm from March until October, and from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm November to February. Booking is essential. Half days bookings can also be arranged. When available, bait and rod hire can also be arranged at a small extra charge. This must be arranged in advance.


Loch Etive

Loch Etive boasts a wide selection of species thanks to its unique Eco system, At approximately 20 miles long, it is one of Scotland's largest sea lochs. Because of this and the nature of the surrounding geography, the fresh water catchment of Etive is huge. Millions of gallons of water enter the loch, especially over the winter months. The effect this has on the sea fishing is worthy of a wildlife documentary in its own right. As the density of freshwater is less than saltwater, a freshwater layer floats on top of the seawater. The loch reaches depths of over 400 feet in places, hope you've got plenty of line!



The most commonly caught species are cod, pollock, pouting, whiting, mackerel, gurnards, spurdogs, thornback Rays and dogfish. Research has shown that there are actually over 40 species in Loch Etive, how many different ones will you catch? As the freshwater intake reduces over the summer months, more warmer weather species enter Etive, including mackerel. Researchers believe many of the fish in specific areas are residents all year round. It is said that resident spurdogs are much darker on the back and not entirely white underneath and the resident hake also differ visually. With such a fabulous mixture it is no wonder Loch Etive is popular. With this in mind we ask that you fish responsibly and where possible return your catch.



Bait and tackle

Many anglers have their own theories on the best bait to use, some keeping it a close gaurded secret, but our fail safe suggestion is mackerel and squid. Unless you are targeting a specific fish, you can go wrong with these, especially if you use them with Hokkai lures. As a general rule of thumb an 8oz weight, or as near as, is your best bet. This is the perfect weight to get the tackle down quickly and to stop the line bowing. When available we can supply frozen mackerel and squid for a small extra charge. Please arrange this in advance.



Our Orkney Longliners are priced at £80 for the full day and the larger Mayland is £100. The Orkney Longliners have cuddies and are tiller steer, whereas the Mayland has a cabin and is forward steer with a steering wheel. Prices include fuel and life jackets are provided. All boats hold a maximum of 4 people.



Please do not hesitate to Contact Us should you have any questions or queries.




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