The club will be run by a committee of 5 full members.  A quorum to consist of 3 full members.


The committee shall consist of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and 2 other full members.


Only full members will be eligible to vote. 


Associate membership will run for life from initial signing. An administration fee shall be payable each time the boats are used, the amount to be decided on by the committee.


The clubs funds shall be applied solely for the furtherance of the club and to repay the debt incurred in purchase of 4 boats (to be known as the “Fleet”).   All repairs and maintenance to boats, trailers, pier and moorings shall be funded from club funds.  A storage fee for trailers and boats will be payable to D Bannatyne.


All accounts must be kept for a minimum of 3 years.


The committee reserve the right to expel any member and prevent them from rejoining the club.


In the event of the “Club” winding up all assets shall be donated to        Mrs D Bannatyne, The Old Smiddy, Taynuilt, PA35 1HY.


The fleet shall consist of Blue, White, Yellow, Arran and dingy.

The club shall own 4 moorings and 4 trailers.


Associate members have no financial stake in the club.


Associate members can be accompanied by a maximum of 3 non club members.


Full members can be accompanied by a maximum of 7 non members.


The club can in no way be held responsible for any accident, loss, or, damage to any club member, or, property while engaged in any event organised by the club.


Members participate in club activities at their own risk.



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